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Inside Mount Ararat

Accounts of wood structure sightings on Mount Ararat in Eastern Turkey have been recorded for more than two millennia. Is it a myth, legend, or could it be real?

 Join us to reveal the truth about a most controversial discovery!

Pushing the boundaries of history, legend, archaeology, science, and conservation, a team of scientists will launch an expedition upon one of the most treacherous terrains on the earth, in order to study this mysterious wood structure discovered above the tree line and snowline on Mount Ararat. The scientific process will be fully documented on video by a professional camera crew.

Background of the Research Following the clue of a wood structure found on high elevations of Mount Ararat in 2009 by a Hong Kong based Christian group NAMI, who claimed it being the Ark of Noah in the Bible. Dutch archaeologist Jeroen Rensen and Belgian medical Dr. Marcel Verheyen, intrigued, set foot on the legendary mountain in March 2014. At an elevation of 4,000 meters, they witnessed and documented wood remains and pottery. Now, they are determined to conduct a thorough multi-disciplined research with the participation of more scientists: archaeology, geology, 3D laser scanning and other specialists will be approached when and if any encountered objects make this necessary.

Objectives of the Expedition in September – October 2014 The question of whether there are any wooden remains at all on Mount Ararat has been answered. But so many questions still remain. The main question to be answered now is: What type of site do the remains at this location represent? The participating scientists will be actively involve in the publication of the results. The aim is to publish the results and conclusions in a renowned, peer-reviewed magazine.


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Inside Mount Ararat

A true account of the wood structure and its scientific studies Mount Ararat is deemed holy by its mountainous inhabitants. Local folklore has passed down that their ancestors went on a pilgrimage to a wood structure, allegedly a boat, high on the mountaintop. Recent expeditions showed  the structure, well preserved inside the snow-capped mountain.

The few accessible compartments reveal a  wooden framework that is clearly visible. Because the framework is hidden deep inside the mountain, it is impossible to determine its true nature.   With the right amount of funding and support, we will be able to climb Mount Ararat and film our video expedition along the way. During this expedition, we will analyze the entire mystery step-by-step following a watertight scientific approach and determine the origins of the structure. By adopting an approach that leaves no room for doubt, we strive to settle the on going discussion about the presence of this wooden framework inside Mount Ararat. When folklore meets modern science, what will happen? “I have been working extremely hard for four years to reveal this amazing project to the whole world.

Together with co-workers and others, we are working on possibly the biggest broadcast event ever from the extreme heights on the earth.” We are preparing documentaries and the main target is a live-broadcasting program scheduled for 2015.  Chief Creative Officer  Walter Tiemessen

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Join us at Inside Mount Ararat
to discover the truth

Join us at Inside Mount Ararat to discover the truth

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